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The application of Xinxiang container house is reflected in many aspects.

The demand for Xinxiang container houses in China is relatively low relative to foreign countries, and the application is relatively small. Mainly due to the slow start of the development of Xinxiang container house in China. The application of Xinxiang container house in foreign countries far exceeds that of China.

China's use of Xinxiang container houses , for example: 1. Student apartments, China has begun to use containerized houses as student apartments or classrooms. The school cannot accurately estimate the amount of students enrolled each year. If the number of students increases, it is necessary to build a student dormitory. However, the concrete-irrigated house is not very convenient to disassemble or install. It will occupy a large amount of land and will not be needed one day. It also causes waste of resources. The comfort of a container apartment is no different from that of a typical house, and it is more usable and less expensive. 2. Temporary resettlement houses play a big role in the residence of the post-disaster personnel. The other side can also be used as container containers for transportation, so that materials can reach the victims quickly. The Xinxiang container house continued to rain in the aftermath of the disaster. In the aftershocks, it also has a good warmth effect, which is safe and comfortable, and avoids some damage to the personnel.

Now our technology is constantly evolving, and the staff is constantly optimizing products. I believe that the application of Xinxiang container house will become wider and wider in the future, and the road will go further and further.

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