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Dare to bask in your container remodeling room

Now there are people who are constantly basking, basking, and basking. Do you look tired? Dare not come to heaven and earth, we give you to bask in the container renovation room. Or you buy in our products, you can bask in the following Oh! Rest assured, we are not afraid of sun. (Stealing laughter ...) )


The day before yesterday, the Suzhou Park Fire, the Flames, followed by Xiangcheng fire. Zodiac dry, careful huozhu. It's just too scientific. Heaven and earth just want to say that we are really not afraid of the sun. (Shy ...) Our container renovation room is capable of fire protection, fireproof material has rock wool board, glass wool board and so on. We do not dare to say that the risk of fire is completely changed to 0, but we will reduce the risk to a lower level. In the manufacture of insulation board, we will also add some flame retardant materials. The safety of life is a priority, and we dare not slacken it a little. As long as we go to the heart to complete, we carefully to the production, installation, customer intentions to understand the composition of the box, do not use high-power electrical appliances, or some inferior electrical appliances, to the heart to maintain it. Then, the container renovation room fire prevention problem is very good solves.


Time past, it is difficult to leave a mark, hope everyone is good. In this age of Love blueprint, the sun is just right, please come out with our container remodeling room to bask!