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Problems encountered in the development of container mobile homes

For those who have not yet had a clear understanding of our container mobile homes. It is very likely that there is still a lot of confusion in it. For example, if you think you are living in a box, will it be very stuffy? We can say with certainty that without this, we can open the window in the container mobile room, and in all your favorite positions, the whole is very breathable.

You can customize the blinds, choose a good material, can play the effect of warm winter and cool in summer, life in it is very comfortable. We can carry out the water circuit and circuit wiring inside, and there are no problems in using some common electrical appliances in life. But we will not encourage the use of gas inside, which is quite thrilling. If an accident occurs, I can’t imagine it. Of course, we have a big problem, that is, you may have a good idea. If you want to build a container apartment or community, you may not have legal property rights. In foreign countries, you can declare it as real estate. China has not yet stipulated this, and due to the different nature of the use of land, this has also strengthened some difficulties in management. For enterprises, you must first have land use rights, and then report to the relevant departments for approval before you can use container mobile homes. If you place it at will, it is likely to take it away as an illegal building or ask for removal.

Many cities in China have already realized these problems. In response to these problems, professional provisions have also been introduced for management. Our container mobile homes will consciously abide by the regulations to build the above new buildings.