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Xinxiang Container Room really is a wide range of applications

Now our HUITONG steel structureXinxiang Container RoomIt's really a lot of use. Not only for temporary dwellings in terms of accommodation. Huitong steel structure is also useful in the mobile sales department, our exhibition can be very large, accommodating many real estate exhibitors. At the end of the show, it is convenient for us to remove quickly.


This innovative Xinxiang container room, can become the highlight of the exhibition, to attract more people, modeling is very unique to environmental protection, intelligence and other advantages by everyone's praise. For everyone to provide a more full range of services, also appeared in Xinxiang container room used as a sample room, very mini-board, very practical, small space, the various family layouts are listed. We put the sample room on the car and we can move the model room to show it, so that people in the city can find it. Huitong steel structure also learned that major disasters and accidents, but also the need for container-type hospital. Once the road was damaged, our medical staff could not reach the disaster scene, so now Shanghai began to carry out research and development, container-type Square hospital.


It can be used not only in residential accommodation, office, but also in health care, education and other public utilities. Of course, as our lives become more and more intelligent, the use of Xinxiang container room will be more extensive.