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Xinxiang Container Room Theme Restaurant Youth class-like dream

Have you noticed that, foodie? Now Shanghai has opened a new Xinxiang container room theme restaurant. It is fashionable, has the new function, satisfies our taste buds at the same time, more can grasp people's eyeball.


As more and more people start to grow, the difficulty is increased. In recent years, the State encourages us to start a business, college students also need constant bold innovation. In order to attract the attention of young people, to create a convenient, healthy, environmentally friendly restaurant, they have made a bold attempt to attach importance to the "Yangxin", is the appearance of the eye-pleasing, the inside facilities cool to explode! In style, but also tend to 70后, Gen Y and the inner needs of the, the fork lift truck into the restaurant, highlighting the characteristics of the restaurant. The key point is the restaurant theme is Xinxiang container room oh. Have you ever dined at Xinxiang container terminal? Do you decorate with Xinxiang container housing, or do you try it for the first time in China? The effect is also very good, very people angry.


Youth is an enviable capital, while still young, quick to realize their ideals, open a container room in Xinxiang, the theme of the restaurant!