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Container Equipment Room Manufacturers | When Father's Day meets the Dragon Boat Festival, cherish this "dumplings" Love moment ~

When Father's Day meets the Dragon Boat Festival ~


A frontal collision between Chinese and Western traditional festivals


What kind of ripples will be thrown?


6.18 "The rice dumplings and family fun"


Dad, let's have a holiday together.


Warmth June


Green Tree and Summer long


It's a season of love and Thanksgiving


When the Dragon Boat Festival meets father's Day


Let traditional culture and affection mingle


Father Love No words


Yes, "rice dumplings" like mountains




Dragon Boat Festival & Father's Day


When the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings Fragrant


In this summer


Met the warmth of Father's Day,


No doubt make this little vacation


Become more sentient.


The reunion tastes more intense.


Container Equipment Room Manufacturers wish you a Happy double festival ~