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Xinxiang container house solves the problem of student dormitory

With the increase in the rate of enrollment and the current population movement, Xinxiang Container House is very much needed to solve the problem of student accommodation.

In some schools, there are not enough dormitories in the school to provide housing for students, and only dormitory buildings can be provided outside the school. It may take half an hour to get to school, which is very inconvenient and unsafe. Or renting it yourself is very unfavorable to the management of the school. Only a large number of dormitory rooms can solve this problem completely. Some school dormitory buildings are built in mines and there are not enough dormitory to meet the needs of students. This situation can be changed through our Xinxiang container house. This kind of house is easy to assemble and is suitable for all kinds of terrain. It doesn't matter in the mountains. It needs to be moved in the future. It is not too troublesome to move. Bricks, cement, these materials, can not meet us, color steel, sandwich panels, light steel, more creative, safe and comfortable. Students living in it can also be like a fish, very comfortable.

We are designed to give you peace of mind, the materials are excellent, not cold and hot in summer, and the luxury of Xinxiang container house.