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Small container equipment room into a storage artifact

Although a container equipment room only more than 10 square meters of space, if reasonable use, can also be accepted as an artifact Oh, can install a lot of unexpected things oh!

See the word, we first thought of the possible storage items such things, the role of the activities of the container room is far more than that oh, not only can receive items, but also can receive people! We know that in big cities, only a certain economic base can afford to buy a house, for some ordinary working-class, housing problems have become their headaches. This time if the use of environmentally friendly equipment room as the main residential, can save a lot of cost to ease the housing pressure. This kind of housing built with container color steel plate housing can be rented long, short term rent, together rent, group rent, whole rent, sublet, very convenient, according to the use of time and use, can be arbitrary choice, if the use of longer, It can be reused, used as a temporary tool for storage or when used in warehouses, affordable and durable.

In some big cities, this kind of admission is actually more and more common, large to commercial buildings, small to warehouse rooms, are also using this affordable equipment room, the use of container equipment room to facilitate people's lives, of course, for the city added to the creative and wonderful.