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Color Steel Light Steel portfolio design personalized to give you a different experience

The color steel light steel modular house is standardized with a 20-foot 40-foot gauge that was later reinterpreted and reused to re-emphasize its individual character.

The transformation of housing on site will become our current civilian housing. There is a certain inevitability that it will not only promote the development of society, but also has the necessity of not only having the need of social development but also constant innovation It has a more modern sense of design, generous layout and practical,

There are many colors to choose from, will become the house you want, before seeing the information, "exchange space", is very envious of their home design warm, spend very little money, but it brought Not the same enjoyment, container color steel house , container transformation of the shape of the house , and small villas to be compared to their own style to decorate the design, indoor facilities are also very powerful, and living room, bathroom, In fact, there is no difference between small and horizontal villas. Furniture can also be placed in one by one. Our large-scale production saves a lot of time and avoids a lot of waste of resources. The use of natural non-polluting products to shorten the construction period, but also for everyone to raise a lot of economic benefits.

These also illustrate the diversified and diversified combination of container equipment room and color steel composite room.