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The application of container equipment room is reflected in many aspects

Container equipment room in the country's demand relative to foreign countries is still relatively low, the use of relatively less. This phenomenon is mainly due to the slow development of national container color plate houses . The use of containers abroad is far beyond us.

However, in recent years, containers have also gradually begun to be used domestically, which is more common in these areas:

1, student apartments: the country has now begun to use the container house as a student apartment or classroom, but the concrete-filled houses, either demolition or installation are not so convenient, it will take up a lot of land area, if one day Then need, then it will cause a lot of waste, the comfort level of container apartment is actually no difference with the general housing, and the usability is more powerful, the cost is lower;

2, Temporary resettlement house: It is very helpful to dispose staffs after disasters. On the one hand, it can be transported by container containers, which can make the house reach the disaster area rapidly. In the disaster area, the color steel composite house rains , Aftershocks, the effect can still be warm, safe and comfortable, to a large extent, to avoid casualties.

At present, the domestic technology is also constantly developing, staff are constantly learning, optimization of products from time to time, but also believe that the future use of container equipment room will be more extensive, the road will be farther and farther.