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Personalized design of Xinxiang container house

Xinxiang container house is standardized, with 20 feet, 40 feet and so on. Later, the Xinxiang container house was transformed and used by our customers, and it also showed its individual characteristics.

The construction of the construction site has become a civilian housing. It has certain inevitability. It not only has the needs of social development, but also some force majeure factors. We need constant innovation. Let it have a more modern design, the layout is generous and practical, there are a variety of colors to choose, become the house you want. I used to look at the exchange space of CCTV. I was so envious that I could make my home design so warm and spend a lot of money, but it brought extraordinary enjoyment. The shape of Xinxiang container house can be compared with that of small villas. It can be decorated according to your own style. The indoor facilities are also very powerful. It can have living room, kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. It is not big with small villas. The difference is that the furniture can also be placed one by one. Our large-scale production saves a lot of time, avoids waste of resources, and uses natural green products. Shortened the construction period and raised economic benefits for everyone.

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