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Xinxiang Container made mini villa

Waste used second-hand Xinxiang container , through reasonable design, can turn waste into treasure and transform into a warm and beautiful mini house.

At the International Expo Center, reporters have seen that this green "mini-villa" is more than one meter high and more than 6 meters long and can be moved. Both sides have open windows, the visual effect is very good, natural lighting. Solar panels are installed at the top to provide electrical and thermal energy for the entire villa. A rim is placed around the top of the box to collect rainwater to form a reservoir. After some simple processing, it can become domestic water and provide more convenience for the house. In this small space of 12 square meters, there is a kitchen, bathroom and living room, which meets the low demand of our housing. Every space has been properly utilized, and one is placed under the bed as a storage area. It can be placed in tourist spots and scenic spots, while meeting the needs of tourists, while protecting the ecological environment without being destroyed.

It is reported that this villa is favored by some entrepreneurs, and the price is around 180,000 yuan. Xinxiang container was transformed into a small villa, mainly to design a low-carbon, green living environment.