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Xinxiang container room to get rid of the exorbitant lodging fee

During the World Cup, or other sporting events, a large number of sports enthusiasts will be pouring in,Xinxiang Container RoomCan be a high cost of accommodation. Now, you don't have to worry about that anymore.


  Xinxiang Container RoomCan be quickly carried to the destination, suitable for various modes of transport, marine transportation, railways, air transport and so on. Containers piled up in hotels than wood houses and motels occupy less space, and more flexible, all kinds of venues can be suitable. By stacking, more guests can be accommodated. The new residence hotel, which can be installed quickly in a few days, is open for business. It is reported that the 2018 World Cup competition in Russia, for many fans to provide container housing. This can be offered in 40, 400 rooms or even more. This time, the Russian side will provide 2000 rooms to meet the needs of the fans of the accommodation. Each room is heated and has a double bed, a power outlet, a bathroom and much more.


Sport is our way of life and attitude. It is a passion for all ages, and as a fan of the World Cup, Xinxiang container room no longer has to worry about expensive accommodation.