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Xinxiang Container House stepped onto the market stage

Do you think we're just selling at home?Xinxiang Container RoomWe are also expanding the broader platform, and constantly to the extension of life, now quietly embarked on the market stage.


This kind of slightly modifiedXinxiang Container Room, welcomed by everyone. You can also provide containers for us to retrofit, this cost will be relatively high, but very strong, or choose our small white box, although it is not as strong as the container, but also to meet our basic living conditions. Our Xinxiang container room is generally not available for rent, because we are walking is a high-quality route, rental costs can not only 6 yuan, we will make you live more comfortable, conditions will be greatly improved. Will not only rise in price, our quality is certainly more advantageous. We choose not to take this ultra-low-rent route, because this situation might be out of sight in one day. We want to be more reliable, more to win the trust of customers. Xinxiang container room to be considered from the quality, of course, also brought a number of human and material costs of these increases, the price is slightly higher is in line with the market norms.


We want products with their own characteristics, it is necessary to constantly improve themselves. Personnel to carry out training, our products also to be improved, so that customers can not find our Xinxiang container room shortcomings, is our ultimate goal.