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Xintong container house for Huitong steel structure

The Xinxiang container house is no longer a symbol of temporary construction, and a village about containers has begun to appear in Auckland.

In many foreign developed countries, many young people like to do their own work to transform some Xinxiang container houses, so that they can not only be transformed into the style they want, but also greatly save costs! You can have a dozen square meters of characteristic cottages for a few hundred dollars per month. It is very cost-effective to think about it! In that place, many people did this, and thus formed a Xinxiang container house village, which became a beautiful scenery in the local area.

Why is there such a village? I heard that San Francisco is a city with expensive rents in the United States. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,500 a month, which is twice the price of Los Angeles. The average rent for the latter is only $1,750. Since last year, Auckland has been breeding container villages. The container village was formed by a company called a company. The founders were several young people, and they were the earlier residents of the container village. Luke and Heather were tired of contributing most of the hard-earned wages each month to the landlord, so they bought a container for $2,300 and rented half an acre of land to start the life of the American ant. Because they felt that this was a good business, they started to buy more containers and remodeled them for rent.

At present, a piece of wasteland has been purchased, and the container is placed there, and it is cheap to rent for more young people looking for a dream in San Francisco. Eastman said that San Francisco rents are growing at a rate of 20% per year. He hopes that more young people will join the housing renovation plan to fight the expensive living costs of big cities.

From the housing to the container, they almost have to re-arrange everything. In order to take care of the "container utopia", Heather quit his job in digital design and sold most of his family. The picture shows the Xinxiang container house in the warehouse.