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Xinxiang container room gradually replaced by container activity room

The former container room is only used for transshipment goods, and can not be used many times, very waste of resources, but with the development of the construction industry, the role of container more and more large.


In the past few years, walking in the streets and alleys, as long as there is a site there is a kind of simple xinxiang container room, however, in recent years, Xinxiang container room gradually replaced by the container activity room, the majority of the site is a neat block of container activity room, far from the villa, it is not difficult to see, Container Activity room is no longer the box of transport, but into a living house, of course, there are more uses. Reporters on a site found that most of the workers are living in such a house, the living facilities are very complete, according to the workers, the houses are free of charge to their housing projects, the coworker is also full of smiles told reporters, outside work for more than 10 years or the first time to live such a container activity room, Inside also installed air conditioning, winter warm summer cool, sound insulation effect and safety than the original Xinxiang container room is good, even if the relocation is the whole move, will not be as troublesome as before, live in such a house, their hearts happy, work is happy, the efficiency will naturally improve, will also save labor costs for contractors.


Site contractor also reaction, now the kind of simple Xinxiang container room has been rare, gradually replaced by container activity room, some not only to live, but also for business, such as open a kiosk, small noodle shop and so on.