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Industry knowledge
The application of Xinxiang container room is embodied in many aspects

The demand of Xinxiang container house in China is relatively low, and the application is relatively less. The main reason is that the development of Xinxiang container room in our country started slowly. The application of Xinxiang container room abroad is far superior to our country.


The use of Xinxiang container room in China, for example, said:


1. Student apartments, currently China has begun to use the collection of housing as a student apartment or classroom. Schools for the annual intake of students can not be accurately estimated, if the number of students, the need to build student dormitories, but concrete watering the house, whether disassembly or installation is not very convenient, will occupy a lot of land area, one day no need, but also cause the waste of resources. Container apartment comfort is no different from the average house, and is more user-friendly and less expensive.


2. Temporary housing has played a significant role in the housing of post-disaster disposal personnel, and the other side can also be used as container containers for transport, so that supplies can reach the victims ' hands quickly. The Xinxiang container room in the aftermath of rain, aftershocks, but also can have a good thermal effect, safe and comfortable, to a large extent to avoid some injury to the personnel.


Now our technology is evolving, and staff are constantly optimizing their products. I believe that the future application of Xinxiang container room will be more and more extensive, the road farther and farther away.