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Talking about three characteristics of container mobile room

  Container Mobile RoomIn recent years, the application of a very wide range of low-cost, easy to build quickly let it quickly become the national city of new building signs.


Container Mobile Room is an early site factory activity room upgrade products, many people mistakenly think that the container mobile room is used to transport loaded cargo of metal boxes, in fact, the tin box is too green and can not be used, resources are too wasteful. Container Mobile room compared with the transport of metal boxes, with that is to use, anytime, anywhere mobile and recycling, economic, fast, efficient and other characteristics, has been widely used as a temporary accommodation for workers on the site. The survey shows that container mobile housing is popular, the price of the majority of the advantages, relatively simple shed and temporary color steel movable room more comfortable, and this House can be installed some of the living facilities, such as water and electricity, such as various types of furniture and other facilities, to the people who live to provide greater convenience, like ordinary commodity houses. Another feature is that, for example, a site construction period is very short, if the end of the day, so timely to move the house to other sites, very save time, more efficient.


These container mobile rooms, the only regret is that, especially in China, if not used on the site, private use must have land, otherwise it will be treated as illegal buildings, in foreign countries, because of national policy relations, container mobile room usage will be higher.