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Multi-function House composed of color steel plate light steel combination Room

Green Environmental protection and energy-saving color steel plate composite room is the trend of modern life, with the improvement of living standards, people's life is eager to see green and become more beautiful.


A house is a necessity for life, when people on the quality of life more and more high, the shape of housing and various decoration also become harsh, color steel plate light steel composite room because of its rapid construction, strong structure and removable features, favored by most people, especially foreign young people, so foreign Katie · Nickels and John Walter with the architect Christopher Robertson together to design and build a lovely container house, is composed of 4 color steel plate light steel combination room. It is located in the suburbs of downtown Houston, a very inspiring project. Of these, 3 are 40 feet tall, shaped like a cube, with two separate living categories for eating and sleeping, the other a slightly elevated, as guest cabin, and the last color steel plate light steel combo Room is a 20-foot standard as a kitchen.


All facilities, let people live in a warm feeling of home, I admire these designers, but also feel the color plate light steel composite room of the omnipotent role.