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A simple "hotel" of the container combination room

Abroad, you will findContainer Combination RoomSeems to have become a fashion symbol of youth, no matter what is used to do, is not a charm.


This House is now more and more popular in the country, just a few days ago, the reporter in the mountains by a citizen, in a holiday resort found a building with a container house piled up apartment, in fact, is a hotel. When the reporter walked into the resort, found that the hotel's appearance brush green, in such a suburban forest, several container combination house looks like a few big boxes piled together, went to find bathroom, household items readily available. According to the head of the hotel, he was also in Europe last year to see the locals to use container combination room for a variety of uses, feel new and practical, come back he found a way to find domestic manufacturers to introduce this House to Yantai, according to the introduction, the resort mainly used 24 container combination room, only today's spectacular sight. The key is that this kind of container combination house can according to travel season and guest need to move to different place, live inside the facility is complete, the winter warm summer cool, the visitor likes very much, this kind of container combination room has brought more and better income for the boss.


Low cost, environmental protection and saving, tourists like, container combination room in Shandong There are many places are in use, tourism experts believe that the use of container combination room to do a hotel or apartment is a good idea.