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The rise of container construction and its development trend

High performance of container building structure, suitable for use in a variety of foundations, relative to other boxes inherited a lot of advantages, today we come to a simple look at it!

1, the container construction can be used in a variety of weather conditions, suitable for most parts of China, the year of construction, without interruption;

2, the cost is relatively low, the structure is also very stable;

3, flexible assembly, and thus further expand the use of space and the use of functions, is based on the demand in the vertical and horizontal unlimited combination, you can also independent of each other for 2-3 layer heap combination;

4, can resist earthquakes.

With the emergence of the "dwelling house", the "capsule apartment" at home and abroad gradually entered the public's field of vision as a topic of social discussion. Container houses have also drawn widespread public concern. China's container is still only a small part of the people's "dwelling place", is a new topic, the foreign market is much more mature, architects involved in the phenomenon is very common, and has gradually become a symbol of fashion, creative life.

Therefore, such a container building is relatively speaking, is also very safe and secure, at the same time such a container house will not produce construction waste, more environmentally friendly. Can rent, there are some companies rely on the activities of the rental house to profitability, considerable benefits, there are many companies and farmers' activity room rental to do the site dormitory, toilet, etc., a lot of advantages, low prices in the market to receive workers Like it.