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Caigang composite board activities to win the traditional model room

The original box-type house was used as a temporary housing project, it is very convenient in the establishment of temporary housing ideal, Xinxiang City, Hui Tong Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. give full play to its characteristics, making under all circumstances are Can be flexible to carry out any assembly, in order to meet the needs of the factory can be arbitrary migration.

Modern box houses in the end can be better than the traditional style house in the end is where? The important point is that modern box houses pay attention to the effect of insulation. And interior decoration is perfect, beautiful surface, space equipment integration. At the same time is to have moisture and other advantages of fire conditions.

We also need to understand the needs of customers, to provide you with personalized products, you can give full play to the characteristics of modern container equipment room, Caigang composite board activities, another important criterion is that safety and environmental protection, some cheaper box Room, model room of the product there is the use of defective products, so indoor pollution is very serious, the moment of threat to our health.

Caigang composite board activity room with the times of the defense, convenience has been unable to meet the needs of our consumers, the safe, pollution-free environment, and comfortable to improve the container equipment room, container color plate house, container transformation room Can go more long-term.