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What are the characteristics of container mobile homes

In recent years, the use of container mobile housing is very extensive, relatively low cost, easy to set up quickly to make it quickly become one of the new building signs in various cities in China.

Color steel light steel portfolio houses, container complexes, container construction is an upgraded product of the early factory activity room, many people mistakenly think that is simply used to transport the metal box loaded in the goods, in fact, not exactly, tin box too environmentally friendly And can not be used again, the resources are too wasteful. Compared with the metal box used for transportation, the container mobile house has the advantages of being ready to go, mobile, fast, economical and efficient. Container a house is widely used in the construction workers temporary accommodation.

According to the relevant data show that the reason why the integrated box activity room so popular with everyone, the price will also account for a great advantage, relatively simple temporary shed container mobile housing more comfortable, and then such a house can be installed a series of life facility.

This kind of container activity room is a little regrettable is that in the country, to join is not used on the site, the private must have the land, otherwise it will be treated as illegal building, in foreign countries, because of policy relations in the country, integrated box activity room equipment Will be more likely to be used.